We have specially designed programs dedicated to teach students at any age or skill level!

Children     Ages 4-9
Teens     Ages 10-17
Adults     Ages 18-59
Seniors     Ages 60+



For everyone!

Power Tae Kwon Do provides martial arts lessons in Bronxville, NY.

Our program is best for children, youth and adults. Its scientifically proven curriculum of mental and physical training that makes it the best martial arts training possible. There are many benefits to martial arts training. You can have fun while building strength and self-control. It can help with your discipline and concentration. If you want to protect yourself, Taekwondo can help you learn self-defense. If you also need some relaxation, Taekwondo can even help with your stress relief.

Why Tae Kwon Do?

Very Practical

- Better focus
- Increased confidence
- Better health and wellness
- Release stress
- Learn self-defense
- A fun form of exercise
- Improves endurance, flexibility, strength, and many more!

Why us?

Fun and skill development, rather than winning

Our structured belt system gets children actively involved in goal setting. Goal setting can help children establish and maintain regular involvement in physical activity. Goal setting also instills a sense of responsibility that will last a lifetime.

Friends influence your child’s attitude toward physical activity. One of the compliments we hear the most is that our school provides a warm, friendly and encouraging environment. By surrounding your child with a positive peer group, you will set them up for success. 

Master S.T. Hwang

Power tae kwon do provides enjoyable and friendly environment

Master Hwang has more than 30 years of teaching experience in martial arts. He earned a seventh degree black belt in Taekwondo and a fifth degree black belt in Kumdo.

He holds certificates granted by International Tae Kwon Do Federation, Korea Kumdo Association (Korean sword marital art), and Korea Sports Injury Prevention Movement Association.  He is exceptionally experienced with children’s physical education, and provides positive and encouraging atmosphere for any age at any fitness level. Our master will teach step by step with patience and encouragement.

Welcome to Power Tae Kwon Do


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